Lazio Globe – La Mia Lazio: a long distance love that stole my heart

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It was 1994 and on the Dutch television I see Aron Winter wearing the Lazio-shirt: lighblue with the main sponsor Banca Di Roma. What a shirt. What a color. Like the sky. And what a passionat the stadium! Unknown in Holland. I was only 13 and was in love right away! To follow this new love from a distance in these times wasn’t always easy. There wasn’t such thing as internet. I often looked at Rai Televideo during games. Who wins? Who plays? Who scores? And then I always saw the highlights on the Noventesimo Minuto. With Giampiero Galeazzi and many beautiful women. Wasn’t really a punishment! In the summer of 1995 I saw my Lazio live for the first time. With my father I went to the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam in the biancoceleste jersey. Just like Di Padre in Figlio. But my father was Ajax fan … There was a friendly match against the great team of Louis van Gaal, that won the Champions 2 months before. Lazio had no chance and lost: 5-0. But I didn’t care. I saw Marchegiani, Casiraghi, Negro, Favalli, Di Matteo, Di Vaio and a young Nesta. I was satisfied, I was happy!


In the following years I saw Lazio win the Italian Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup. And I saw great matches in Serie A live on television at a friends house who already got Canal Plus. Lazio – Milan 4-4, Lazio – Roma 3-3. In March 2000 I saw our great Scudettowinning team against Feyenoord in the Champions League (0-0). And at May, the 14th 2000: what emotions to become champions of Italy! Even when I was so far away from Rome. With the arrival of the internet, many things have changed. The world has become small, the prices for flying lowered. And my passion for Lazio could grow higher. I’ve been in Italy to see Lazio many times. At our Stadio Olimpico and in away sections. At Benevento, Pescara and SPAL, or in Europe in Madrid, Leverkusen and London. I was there! And of course also May, the 26th 2013 I was in Rome. What a match and what a party at the Piazza del Popolo after.

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Nowadays there are many news apps to follow the latest news. There is pay TV/streaming where I can watch all the games of Lazio, even the friendly ones. And in the meantime I also have made many friends in Italy. So I do not miss something about my Lazio. For the final of the Italian Cup in 2016 I even had to buy tickets online for my Roman friends because the ticketsystem at the Lazio Style fanstore fell out. How about that! The last match against Inter I was at the stadium. Directly after the game I was shocked. We were just this close! And certainly deserved this 4th place. But after a few minutes I became calm. I became proud. What a stadium filled with 70,000 people! What a breathtaking coregraphy! What a passion and love for Lazio I felt tonight. Despite the result. Despite what other people think: I saw Lazio is alive more then ever! I was happy. Like my first game in Amsterdam. We are not like Juventus, Milan or Inter who are only satisfied when they have won gold medals. We are Lazio and we wear the gold in our hearts! This is my Lazio.
After a summerbreak Lazio is calling me again for a new season, a new adventure. An endless love. I will surely be present at the stadium against Napoli. You too?

Who I am?
Eelco Brandes, 37, from The Netherlands, journalist at Algemeen Dagblad and Staantribune (newspapers in the Netherlands). Instagram: eelcobrandes, Twitter: @eelcobrandes

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